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Arch Linux installation with full disk encryption using LVM, LUKS and GRUB2

This is gonna be a „quick“ walk-through on how to install Arch Linux with a nearly (/boot won’t be) fully encrypted HDD.
I have tested this guide with the archlinux-2012.09.07-dual.iso which uses systemV and archlinux-2012.10.06-dual.iso which was the first one using systemd, so this tutorial covers both init daemons.

Update: This article got translated to Swedish. Thx Sam!

The tutorials I found were all outdated or caused problems because of one of the following:

  • The former included Arch Linux Installation Framework (AIF) executed by /arch/setup is no longer included in the Arch Linux-isos, the command will only respond with: „no such file or directory“.
  • GRUB2 replaces GRUB legacy and needs to be configured differently.
  • The keyboard layout didn’t fit to mine so i got some problems entering my passphrase;)

Let’s start…

Arch Linux Logo

Arch Linux Logo from archlinux.org/art/